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Refined Tuning are based in Slough. We offer professional service and advice.

We do remaps for all vehicles including trucks and vans. We can remove speed limiters and we can perform Eco remaps to save fuel and better for the environment. We are also able to conduct mid range maps for more power out from the engine and to save fuel. We offer a full range of performance maps to gain maximum potential within the safe limits of the vehicle. All our mapping services include:

  • Pop & bangs
  • Popcorn
  • Launch control
  • Ad blue delete
  • DTC removal
  • Immobiliser delete
  • Lambda o2 sensor delete
  • Start stop disable
  • RPM limiters applied & removed

Gaining more torque can have a big benefit on your vehicle’s performance. We can correct DPF and EGR LIMP mode issues. 

All remapping are tuned specially for the customer, our teams and techniques are not generic remapping. Generic remapping that are not specified by for car can damage the vehicle and end would require repairs. We prevent this! 


Full Vehicle Health Check

We visually check key components under the bonnet and undertake a full diagnostic check to main dealer standards to ensure your vehicle is in the best condition prior to remapping.


The Remap Process

A Dynomap expert engineer analyses the data from your ECU and adjusts it to create effectively new software (or map) that will make the desired improvements to your vehicle’s power, torque, drivability, fuel economy and likely CO2 emissions.


Your New Driving Experience

We hand you your keys and invite you to go for a drive and experience for yourself how the Dynomap service has transformed your vehicle.


Vehicle Air Conditioning Recharge
We recharge your air conditioning to full.
DPF & EGR Solutions
DPF removal and EGR delete are the best solutions to most issues with the DPR & EGR valve.
More BHP & Torque
At least 35% more BHP & Torque.
Better Fuel Consumption
At least 15% better fuel consumption
Speed Limiters
We provide services to remove all vehicle speed limiters.
Full diagnostics
We run a full diagnostics report on your vehicle.
We provide vehicle remapping services on all vehicles including trucks.
Refined Tuning
Refined Tuning are based in Slough. We offer professional service and advice.

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